Oberflächeninspektion von zylindrischen Produkten (auch Endlosprodukte)

Surface control

Cylindric products surface control
Surface inspection for non cylindric parts
Gloss check
Airlaid inspection

Cylindric products surface control (endless products also).

Systems for cable and tube production as well as for single components like cores or half-coils.

Major system features are:

  • Ongoing in line surface control
  • Detectable failure size in µ-range
  • Different failure types can be set
  • Fast integration in the production proces
  • Different sensors depending on product size
  • Several product diameters can be grasped
  • Fit to client specific demands

Cable (Ø 5mm): bulb

Metal coil (Ø 4mm): scraper


Error types

  • Cracks, die marks, scrapers
  • Cavities, enclosures
  • Bubbles or other elevations
  • Inadequate machining surfaces
  • Grates
  • Chrome pores/chrome failures
  • Pressure marks
  • … and more
       Range of application

  • Tubes made of different materials
  • Cables
  • Extrusion processes
  • Round steel (bright steel)
  • Cores
  • … and more

Example wire surface inspection camera set up

Product information Core inspection system


Surface inspection for non cylindric parts

Inspection system application for many different surfaces, like f.e. laminate, glas, plastics, rubber and many more.

Detection of surfaces failures like f.e.

  • Die marks
  • Cavities
  • Enclosures
  • Blow-holes
  • Bubbles and other elevations
  • Inadequate machining surfaces (faulty sharpening)
  • Grates

Bright steel (Ø 30-60mm): Chrome failure, cracks and pressure marks

Product information Surface Inspection V.2.

Product information Surface inspection SFI-X V.1.2


Gloss check

The Gloss Check software module mediates an
optical impression of highly glisting, moderately
glisting or matt surfaced parts. The in line
inspection is also suited for uneven surfaces.


Product information Gloss Check V.1.1.



Airlaid inspection

  • High speed vision system for airlaid inspection
  • System is rate of feed independent.
  • Easy parameter set up for different products and error types
  • Different error types can be recognized
  • Clearly result of measurement visualizing with error chart, error table and error frequency etc.
  • Measuring data are saved in a data base and can be looked at off line.
  • Modular hard and software system configuration enables client specific set up.
  • Modular system configuration allows for application in most productuion lines.

Glatfelter: Airlaid inspection system

Productinformation web inspection