Print inspection

The print inspection systems are a model for what distinguishes DVS on the market. Systems that are extremely efficient, easy to install and operate by the customer and that do exactly what the customer demands: support to make production as efficient as possible and to avoid losses due to errors in the imprint or the product target color.

For endless products such as cables or pipes, but also available for individual products or parts.

Print Controll II mit SK2Detectable errors:

  • Smearing of the print
  • Incomplete print height (characters are not printed in full height, parts are cut off)
  • Printing failure (no characters there)
  • Monitoring the hue of the monochromatic background (optional)

Much appreciated system features:

  • Printer setup is greatly simplified with a large live image.
  • No additional tools (e.g. stroboscopic lamp) are required.
  • Increased ergonomics, e.g. with print on the underside, small font sizes (by enlarging them), high transport speeds, etc.

If other requirements are wanted, such as a complete OCV or OCR control of each character, DVS naturally also offers the optimal solution for such situations.

Print inspection screen image

 Datasheet Print inspection with SK-2-C