Check Pro

The software module check pro is a versatile application for a variety of tasks:

  • Checking the presence of imprinting
  • Inspection whether the intensity of the color of imprinting falls below a certain threshold
  • Checking of drillings and threads
  • Detection of surface defects
  • Completeness control of blister packages
  • Presence check of covers and other components

The program enables to set control tasks in up to 10 different possible ranges (checker AOI’s) at the item to be inspected. AOI’s can be set in a fixed region (fixed picture coordinates) or dynamical (picture coordinates refer to before determined object edges). The Checker AOI’s are evaluation ranges, within which deviations can be detected. Different deviation types can be checked for each Checker AOI separately in two ways:
– statically, e.g. search in a fixed grey tone range for brighter or darker areas
– dynamically, e.g. deviations from average values (for changing background colours).

Data sheet download here