Surface inspection

Our systems apply both to cable, pipe and hose production processes, as well as to checks / inspections / tests / sorting of individual parts, such as sleeves, bolts, pins or rods.

Surface inspection of various products (including continuous products)

  • Key system characteristics:
  • Continuous in-line surface testing
  • Detectable defect sizes in the µ-scope
  • Various parameterizable error types
  • Swift integration into the production process
  • Various sensors based on product sizes
  • Test parameters determinable for various products
  • Optimization based on client-specific needs

Oberflächeninspektion von zylindrischen Produkten (auch Endlosprodukte)
Cable (Ø 5mm): Blisters

Metal coil (Ø 4mm): Scratches

Oberflächeninspektion von nicht-zylindrischen Teilen
Bright steel (Ø 30-60mm): Chrome errors, cracks and pressure marks

Error types

  • Cracks, draw marks, scratches
  • Cavities, inclusions
  • Bubbles or different protrusions
  • Defective working surfaces
  • Ridges
  • Chrome pores/chrome errors
  • Bubbles or different protrusions
  • Defective working surfaces (faulty cuts)
  • Pressure marks

Scope of applications

  • Pipes made of various materials
  • Cables
  • Extrusion processes
  • Round steel (bright steel)
  • Sleeves
  • Bolts
  • Pin rods



Gloss measurement


Registering optical impressions of surfaces for high-gloss, middle-gloss or matte test piece. The inline-inspection is also suitable for uneven surfaces.

Product information Gloss Check V.1.1.

Web material inspection


  • High speed Vision System for the quality monitoring of web materials
  • System functions independently from changes in transport velocity.
  • Straightforward parameterization of various products and error classes.
  • Various error types detectable
  • Clear visualization of measurement results, including error charts, tables and error frequencies i.e.
  • Measurement dates will be saved on a database and can also be visualized offline.
  • System can be customized to our client’s needs, both in hardware and software, because of its modular structure.

The modular system design allows for application in the widest variety of production lines.


Concert Ltd.: Air laid inspection systems


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