Surface inspection

The systems are used in cable, pipe and hose production as well as in the control / inspection / testing / sorting of individual parts such as sleeves, bolts, pins or rods. Also for endless products

The most important features of the systems:

  • Continuous inline surface inspection
  • Detectable error sizes in the µ range
  • Different error types can be parameterized
  • Rapid integration into the manufacturing process
  • Different sensors depending on the product size
  • Test parameters can be defined for different products
  • Optimization to customer-specific requirements

Oberflächeninspektion von zylindrischen Produkten (auch Endlosprodukte)
Cable (Ø 5mm): bubble

Metal sleeve: (Ø 4mm): Scratches

Oberflächeninspektion von nicht-zylindrischen Teilen
Bright steel (Ø 30-60mm): Chrome defects, cracks and dents

Error types

  • Cracks, draw marks, scratches
  • Blowholes, inclusions
  • Blisters or other bumps
  • Poor processing areas
  • Bone
  • Chrome pores/chrome defects
  • Blisters or other bumps
  • Defective processing surfaces (faulty cut)

Areas of application

  • Pipes made of different materials
  • Cable
  • Extrusion processes
  • Round steel (bright steel)
  • Pods
  • Bolts
  • Pencils
  • Rod


Gloss measurement


Recording the optical impression of a surface for high-gloss, medium-gloss or matt test specimens.
Inline inspection is also suitable for uneven surfaces.

Product information Gloss Check V.1.1.

Web material inspection / Sheet goods inspection


  • High speed vision system for monitoring the quality of web material
  • System is independent of changes in transport speed.
  • Simple parameterization of different products and error classes
  • Different types of errors can be detected
  • Clear visualization of the measurement results with error map, error table and error frequencies etc.
  • Measurement data is stored in a database and can also be visualized offline.
  • Due to its modular structure, the system can be adapted to customer needs in terms of hardware and software.

The modular system design allows use in a wide variety of production lines.


Glatfelter GmbH: Airlaid inspection systems


Productinformation Sheet goods inspection