Web material and surface inspection

Web material inspection

  • High speed Vision System for web material quality control
  • System is independent of changes in feed rate
  • Different products and error classes easy to parameterise
  • Multiple error types can be detected
  • Clearly arranged test result visualisation with error chart, error table and error frequency etc.
  • Measuring data are stored in a database and can be visualised off line
  • The modular system configuration enables client required hard- and software customisation

The modular system configuration allows the system to be applicated in many different kinds of production lines.

Concert GmbH: Airlaid inspection systems

Product information web material inspection
Surface inspection

Detection of surface errors like

  • Grooves/striations
  • Blow holes
  • Inclusions
  • Rills
  • Bubbles
  • Faulty machining surfaces (polished section)

Range of applications
· Cast parts
· Tubes
· Wire
· Round steel etc.

The surface inspection system can also be applied for error detection on other surface types like laminates, glas, plastics rubber etc.

Product information surface inspection

Brightness measurement

Optical surface check on brigthness variances
The inspection system is also suited for uneven surfaces.