DVS GmbH is a leader in the field of optical color measurement, software-controlled color inspection and color comparison. In many industrial environments, color control is an important part of overall quality control, as color errors can make products unsaleable or lead to complaints. It is not only about the objective determination of color deviations but also about the subjective impression of color. For example, if paint has been applied to different substrates, this can often give the impression of color deviations. Keeping these deviations within tolerated limits is often an important goal of our work.DVS Vision SK-400-C

System properties

  • Continuous logging of production quality
  • Reduction of rejects through immediate alarm function
  • Reduction of production costs by reducing the use of masterbatch


1. 360° color monitoring of cables or pipes with up to 2 stripes during extrusion with SK-400-C.

The world’s leading system for inline control of base color and stripe color on extruded cables. Also checking the presence of the stripes and also the required stripe width.

  Color inspection with SK-400_V.3

SK-2 with light incidence prevention

SK-2 with light incidence prevention

2. Color monitoring for single color cables or pipes with SK-2.

Color Inspection with SK-2_V.2

3. Paint inspection in bodywork construction.
4. Color order and color quality for multi-core cables.

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