Colour inspection

DVS Ltd. is a leading company in the field of optical colour measurement, software-based colour checking and colour comparisons. Colour inspections are an essential component of comprehensive quality control processes in many industrial environments. This has good reason: colouring defects can render products unsellable or may lead to complaints by clients. This concerns not only the objective detection of colour variations, but also their subjective impression of colour qualities. When, for example, colours are being applied to various carrier materials, it often results in impressions of colour variations. Keeping these variations within acceptable boundaries often constitutes a key aim of our work.DVS Vision SK-400-C

System properties

  • Colour hue variation based on LAB or HSL
  • Clear and self-explanatory display
  • Straightforward and product-specific parameterization


1. Colour monitoring by multicoulored cables during the extrusion.
The leading system worldwide for in-line colour inspection of primary colours and stripe colours by extruded cables. Checking the presence of stripes together with the required stripe width.

  Colour inspection system SK-400-C_english_V.3

SK-2 with light incidence prevention

SK-2 with light incidence prevention

2. Colour monitoring for single-coloured cables and tubes with SK-2 with incidence prevention


3. Paint inspection in car-body construction
4. Colour sequence and quality with multi-conductor cables

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