Requirements-based solutions and standard image processing systems

Our strength lies in our requirements-based solutions. Together with our clients, we will determine the exact system requirements. This ensures that each of our clients receives the solution he or she needs.

Additionally, DVS offers a wide range of vision systems that quickly integrate into the manufacturing process without a need for adjustments.

This includes:

• Standard image processing systems for various tasks, such as:

– Code or character recognition
– Object measurements
– Position recognition
– Type recognition
– Completeness control of various hardware options.

• Inspections systems developed into products based on customer requirements, such as:

– Cable inspection system
– Web inspection and other surface inspections
– Ovality measurement
– Inspection system for aerosols



• Panel PC Vision Systems

Our variety of Panel PC Vision Systems offers cheap and compact solutions, from one camera to high-end systems with multiple cameras.

The software module provides a sufficient variety regarding the requirements of detection tasks. Primarily GigE cameras will be used.